How to Enjoy Somoy TV Live Online

Somoy TV is an online Bangladeshi television channel that broadcasts 24 hours a day. It’s the first and only Bangladeshi TV Channel to broadcast round-the-clock, with over 400 hours of original programming each month. The channel has been created to provide quality entertainment in the Bangla language for generations.

The content on Somoy TV includes news, sports, comedy programs, talk shows, dramas, and movies from Bangladesh as well as from across the world. Somoy TV also offers educational programs for children to learn about their culture and environment.

Somoy TV Program

Bangladeshi people are always looking for something new to watch on TV. This blog post is a list of the best Somoy TV programs that you should check out if you are bored of watching the same old things on Bangladeshi TV channels.

  1. Somoy TV is a Bangladesh satellite channel that broadcasts news, movies, and other programs
  2. The programming includes talk shows, dramas, comedies, reality shows, and more
  3. Programs are broadcast in Bengali with subtitles available for English speakers
  4. Viewers can watch the show live or on-demand using their computer or mobile device
  5. Get updates about new episodes by following Somoy TV on Facebook and Youtube!

Somoy TV Live

As an online Bangladeshi TV channel, Somoy streams live online. You can enjoy the live anytime from their youtube channel. So, please subscribe Somoy TV youtube channel right now and tune in for live entertainment from Bangladesh on your computer or mobile device!

Somoy TV address

This section is about Somoy TV’s address. It will be informative for anyone who wants to know the location of Somoy TV in Bangladesh. 

Somoy TV has been around for more than 20 years and it is one of the most popular channels in Bangladesh, with an audience size of over 2 million viewers per day. They have their headquarters in Dhaka, which can be found at: 89, Bir Uttam CR Dutta Road, Banglamotor, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh.

Benefits of Watching Somoy TV Live

Do you know that there are some benefits to watching Somoy TV live? If not, don’t worry we’re going to talk about the benefits of watching Somoy TV live.

Somoy TV is a Bangladeshi media channel with a focus on social and cultural issues. One of the main reasons why people watch Somoy TV is because they can connect with other Bangladeshis who share their culture, language, and values.

Additionally, many love being able to interact in real-time with others from home using online where one can get advice from experts on topics like education, travel tips, cooking techniques…etc. And Somoy TV made it possible.

Somoy TV Newspaper

Somoy TV Newspaper provides readers with an insight into what is happening around them through its stories about politics, economy, education, and other issues that are affecting their lives in both English and Bengali. 

Furthermore, it offers them local as well as international news coverage on events such as natural disasters or major happenings like elections with detailed reporting from reporters all over Bangladesh.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief introduction to Somoy TV. We are really excited to be a part of the growing Somoy TV team.

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