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In this 21th century, Satellite Television is one of the most preferable and available fomous media for entertaining people all around the world.One of the important factors for human socialization is the media.

Based on the media the behavior of a particular individual can be shaped.For this reason,a healthy media environment is necessary.So,relatively there are lots of satellite tv channels in every country.
In Bangladesh,there are some prominent satellite tv channels providing their best efforts in all sectors i.e. national news, international news, entertainment, agriculture, business,sports etc.Maasranga TV Live seems to be very promising in the past decade.

About Maasranga Tv Live:

Being a private satellite HDTV(High Definition TV) channel,the ownership of Maasranga TV Live goes to the Square Group, Bangladesh which is one of the largest conglomerates in this country.It has interests in the sectors like pharmaceuticals, textiles, garment manufacturing and agrochemicals.
Maasranga TV
The satellite providing it communication support is Telstar 7, version:3812H220 DVB-S2. In 2010, Bangladesh government gave them permission to telecast broadly.The first telecast was on 30 July,2011.The headquarter of Maasranga TV Live is located at 2 Bir Uttam Ziaur Rahman Road,Banani, Dhaka 1213.The broadcast language is both Bengali and English.

Area of Broadcast:

Having a perfect newsroom system and infrastructure,Maasranga TV live programs are broadcasted around the clock not only in Asia but also the whole world.You can simply log in to their official website and enjoy their broadcast.You also can watch their programs in YouTube.
Official website:

News Schedule

The main telecast of Maasranga TV live is News Broadcasts.National news starts at 7:30 AM . Around 8:00 AM, international news starts.
Then sports and business news starts at 8:30 AM and 8:58 AM respectively. The Maasranga News starts at 2:00 PM.At 4:30 PM, Maasranga English News starts.
The Maasranga National News and prime time Maasranga News starts at 6:00PM and 7:00 PM respectively.Then at 7:30 PM,Khelar Mathey starts.
Maasranga Samprotik Starts at 12:02 AM.And Maasranga News starts again at 1:00 AM.At last, Maasranga News again repeats at 5:00 AM.

Sports Live Telecast

The Maasranga TV live Broadcasts international cricket and football matches though sometimes they broadcast national matches.
In the last decade,they broadcasted Bangladesh tour of Srilanka 2013, Bangladesh vs Srilanka series 2014,ICC Cricket World Cup 2015,ICC Champions Trophy 2013,ICC World T20 2014 and ICC T20 2016,IPL 2014 and present Bangladesh Premier League matches.
They also broadcasted Brazil vs Argentina and Brazil vs Italy (2013), Football World Cup 2014 and the latest FIFA World Cup 2018.They also broadcasts some national matches.


Chief Executive and Chief Editor- Maasranga TV live
Telephone number:+880 2 8715877
Head of the News – Maasranga TV live
Telephone number:+8802-8833047-56
For the better growing of a human being, entertainment is necessary along with proper nourishment.So, people looks for the TV channels for fulfilling their need.And, Maasranga TV live is working their best to supply their programs to the people as best as possible.

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