Mahmudullah Riyad: The Silent Killer at the end of the Test Career

Farewell to his silence …

Farewell test. Didn’t know. I thought it would be a few more days. Decide in a hurry. The same goes for coming to this Test squad. After that, he flew to Zimbabwe. Then in the eleventh. Pulling the team omen from extreme danger. He has done the same thing over and over again throughout his career.


His fiftieth test. The occasion was painted in the century. There is also a difference in the celebration. He looked at the sky and said, It’s all yours!’ In fact, Riyadh, all his game. Thus coming to the squad, then in the eleventh, an innings of one and a half hundred runs. All his games.

As soon as I saw Riyadh’s Oman innings, I looked at the statistics. I found out that 62 cricketers have played since Riyadh’s Test debut. However, only four Test cricketers have contributed more than Riyadh in both batting and bowling.

The 2009 Windies Tour. I remembered Riyadh’s debut. I remembered the time to watch the test at night in secret. Come on as a bowler, you can bat a little bit. Eight wickets in Test debut, Fifer in innings. Absolutely the ideal start for any bowler. But after 50 Tests, he is a complete batsman. Century.  Rajneesh said Riyadh was the only team in Test history to make its Test debut in Fifa and end in a century.

He went down to eight and scored a century. Riyadh’s entire Test career could have done more than he did. He could have shown more than what he did not show. The test cap is not the old color, I have not played a single test. What’s in it? Riyadh has cut the stain. That spot will remind you of Sadon Park, Mirpur, or today’s Harare.

Brown records have been covered before leaving. The world record for the ninth wicket pair was not broken for a while. But let me tell you, Riyadh is the best average among the cricketers who have batted 20 innings with eight or less.


He was at the end of many things. He was the first in Bangladesh to take the guard of honor in the Test farewell. Leaving the white dress, let’s read the rest of the color of the colorful dress of Bengal. A journey begins, it stops like this. This is also the way to say goodbye. In this way, the message can be kept silent.  Farewell, recluse. Thanks, silent!

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